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Oysters, mignonette, cocktail sauce, lemons MP

Shrimp cocktail 15

LBI Sourdough bread, churned butter, Barnegat Light sea salt 5

Cerignola and Castlevetrano olives, rosemary, thyme, citrus, olive oil 9

Artisan cheese, toast, accompaniments 15

Seasonal vegetable and fruit pickles 13

Lamb meatballs, labneh, harissa, dukkah 14

On toast:

House ricotta, mushrooms, watercress, ramp pesto 11

Smoked fish brandade, pickled ramps, pink peppercorns, whole wheat rye toast 13

Lamb chorizo, watercress pesto, fig aioli, arugula 13


Chilled watercress and asparagus soup, preserved lemon, crème fraiche 8

Beet and sorrel salad, Bulgarian feta, macerated strawberries, rhubarb vinaigrette 14

Lettuce leaf salad, lovage, preserved citrus, spring vegetables, orange, carrot ginger dressing 12

Grilled octopus, pipperade, gigante beans, marcona almonds, green leaf, mint 18

Torchon of foie gras, coco powder, apple pear butter, brioche 21

Steamed mussels, pork belly, mole, cerignola olives, charred onion crema 14

Gnocchi, lobster, broccoli rabe, Calabrian chili, pecorino 19

Chilled seafood salad, meyer lemon, escabeche, tarragon 25


Bucatini cacio e pepe, spring peas, parmesan reggiano, pecorino 27

Cauliflower, asparagus, braised greens, pastrami carrots, rhubard ketchup 26

Scallops, grilled squash, roasted radish, watercress, squash marmalade, sunchoke puree, demi 39

Golden tile fish, green tomato, fennel, Moroccan carrot sauce, black garlic 37

Jumbo lump crab cakes, fingerling potatoes, herbed remoulade, baby salad MP

New Zealand lamb chops and meatballs, spring tabouleh, cauliflower tahini, dukkah, demi 40

Deboned Griggstown half chicken, smoked pluots, baby artichokes, lovage, farro, jus 36

Chef Christopher Sanchez